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Halong highland Market

Speaking about the highland markets in Quang Ninh, among them is Binh Lieu Highland Market, which the local called the Third Lunar Month Market. This market features the Viet, Dao, Tay and San Chi ethnic groups of the Binh Lieu, Tien Yen, Dam Ha, Hai Ha districts. There are also many merchants from the Đồng Tông area of China present

Goods exchanged on market day are essentially agricultural or forestry products bred or grown by the local population. The Chinese come to the market with various commodities, including shoes and clothing. In stark contrast to Vietnamese merchants, they keep their prices without bargaining, and if they cannot liquidate their goods, carry them home and wait until the next Sunday.

Coming to the marketplace, the first things people look to do are exchange goods and eat. Meanwhile, boys and girls scatter to the corners to play or sing. Many boys and girls make appointment on the next market day.

The Binh Lieu Highland Market, before day, it only took place on odd-numbered days of the third lunar month every year. Today, with better economic conditions for locals, the requirements for trade have seen the market open regularly every Sunday. It is open from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.
Before the market day, boys and girls chose the most beautiful costume for wearing, as going to the market is a festive day and they can enjoy everything after a hard working days. It is also a chance for the boy conquers the girl's heart through singing to each other. Many young couples have also met on these busy Sundays, eventually become husband and wife.