Halong Bay Junks


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Necessary Addresses

Bar & Cafes

Besides bars and cafes in large hotels, there are other places tourists can go to:

Café Trung Nguyên 1
Add: Nguyên Van Cu Road, Hòn Gai, Hạ Long City
Tel:  829 929   

Café Noi Nhớ

Add: 10 Trần Hưng Ðạo, Hòn Gai,
Tel:  628 027 - 629 128

Café Trung Nguyên 2

Add: Trade Union Hotel, Hạ Long Road, Bãi Cháy
Tel:  844 338
Thăng Long Hotel
Café, cân wine (alcohol drunk with a pipe)
in a stilt house.
Add: Near the Tourist Wharf
Tel:  847 276