Halong Bay Junks


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Bar & Cafes

Besides bars and cafes in large hotels, there are other places tourists can go to:

Restaurant in Halong

Biên Mo is located amid stone islands in the small Oan harbour in the Hạ Long Bay area, not far from the Bài Tho Mountain. With 200 seats, the restaurant offers live seafood specialities that ...

Entertainment centers in Halong City Area

Some entertainment and relaxation centers in Halong City Area

Time for visits to Halong Bay

 Tourists are allowed to visit islands, caves and beaches only during stipulated hours. Boats arriving early or late are not allowed to dock.

The advantages of Ha Long bay cruise

The primary purpose of a Ha Long Bay tour is to savour the tranquillity and beauty of the water. But two or three days of utter tranquillity can get a little too tranquil -- luckily the natural and cultural ...

Halong Bay Activities

Halong Bay is a paradise for photographers as each of its rock formations is unique to itself. Tour companies always offer tourists plenty of choices of where to stop and each stop is a guaranteed memorable ...

Halong highland Market

Speaking about the highland markets in Quang Ninh, among them is Binh Lieu Highland Market, which the local called the Third Lunar Month Market. This market features the Viet, Dao, Tay and San Chi ethnic ...

Halong Commercial Center

Located: Bach Dang Ward, in the center of Halong, Quangninh Province.

Souvenirs in Ha Long

In Halong there are souvenirs of a diverse variety: local arts and crafts from coal, wood, horn items, brocade and embroidered items, glassware, porcelain and sea products (pearls, sea shells etc.) as well as ...